The goal for Hansaram is to provide contemporary artists space to grow and explore their potential in peace. The overall operational mission of the corporation is to seek, promote, and support artists of colour, as well as artists working on the edges of dominant power structures.

Hansaram’s approach to long-term artist support is to identify challenges in the artists’ environment and operate two key programs:


Artists require time and space to rest, recuperate, and find solace. The corporation’s artist residency programs are designed to provide artists with an opportunity to step away from their usual surroundings, without imposing strict expectations of active production. These programs serve as an "airlift", allowing artists to temporarily detach from their environment and immerse themselves in a peaceful and conducive atmosphere.


The corporation offers financial support for art projects that hold significant value for an artist's personal and professional growth, even if the project may not be deemed commercially or socially viable. Through this program, the corporation establishes protective/supportive barriers around the artist, allowing them to concentrate on their art without being overly concerned about commercial success. All projects supported need to meet Hansaram’s norms of openness to diversity.


Over the next few months, with a projected completion within a year or so, our corporate model is undergoing a transformation towards a hybrid foundation and privately owned company structure. Given our small size, we are carefully considering this shift, and it appears that adopting a foundational approach aligns better with our overarching goals. Here's why:

Our core strength lies in the solid and extensive foundation of world class ceramic art skills, knowledge, and its global network. By harnessing this expertise and connecting talented individuals, we want to create a platform that showcases pottery, handicrafts and contemporary art as an inclusive space for all.

Continuing one of the world's oldest art forms is both a pleasure and a privilege. We are committed to making creativity accessible to all, by facilitating experiences in environments that inspire artists to do their best work. Through these efforts, we aspire to make meaningful contributions to our communities with the help of patrons, investors and other supporters.

H. Park

July 2023