Intended for private guests and when the artist residency is vacant, the museum and residency will open its doors for guests who consider coming over for rest and recuperation. Situated in the middle of a forest, on top of a small hill, guests will have space to rest, take forest foraging walks and set themselves for the perfect mood and mode for recuperation.

The residency, away from the busy ski resorts in Lapland, offers private and professional ceramic lessons, access to studio spaces and art materials. Other activities such as cross country skiing, ice fishing, winter hikes, reindeer and husky sleigh rides and dips in the lake are available by request.

The community offers affordable access to outdoor tennis and track and field during the short summer season. 
Guests will be surrounded by the familiarity of a stocked fridge, a great kitchen, nice coffee, perfect tea, access to desktop work, and living spaces surrounded by contemporary arts and crafts.

Catering by request.

For 2023 booking enquiries please reach out by email.